Our Grout Free showers are easier than tile!

Care and Maintenance

Daily Cleaning

General cleaning can be done with any non abrasive spray or liquid cleaner and a soft rag or paper towel. Often just a damp cloth will be all you need to quickly clean the surface. 


In general, most household chemicals are safe for use on your new surface. There are, however, some guidlines. Never use strong liquids requiring you to wear gloves, if diluted these same chemicals can be effective. Never let undiluted chemicals sit in a puddle on the surface. 

Soap Scum

Cleaning soap scum will require you to use a surfactant. Bleach will have little to no effect on scum And can make your shower floor very slippery. A surfactant will specifically list soap scum as it’s target for cleaning. Once a surfactant is sprayed onto the scum the surface must be wiped and rinsed thoroughly before entering the shower as surfactants release the oils trapped in the scum. 

Mildew and Seams

In a wet environment mold and mildew can become an issue. We recommend a 1:1 solution of bleach and water or a specific mildew cleaner in a sprayer and wetting the seams and lower areas of the shower once a week to combat this issue.  Never leave the solution to dry and rinse with water after about 10 minutes. Also never scrub the silicone seams...a gentle wipe with a damp cloth after will be enough. If the seams are vigorously disturbed mildew will be given a place to grab hold. 

Polishing and Scratch Removal

To remove light scratches and deep clean your polished surfaces we recommend treating it just like your car. If you have automotive paint cleaning products they will perform just as well on our products. Just apply a small amount of compound on a cotton rag and rub until the scuff or scratch is removed. Under certain circumstances a scratch may have to be wet sanded and professionally buffed, but this is rare. If you want to add a protective layer and make your surface really shine auto wax is fine, just follow the instructions on the bottle.