Our Grout Free showers are easier than tile!



  • Can you do a shower with a window? Maybe if the window is neck height or higher.
  • Do you do any plumbing? NO we are not insured for plumbing, We cannot unhook or turn off valves as well. 
  • Can you install in the rain? NO unless you have a covered area or garage we may use.
  • Can we watch the install? Absolutely, but be mindful if you ask a bunch of questions we may make a mistake ;)
  • Can I buy a custom pan and do tile walls?  YES we make custom and standard size pans for many tile installers who want the reliability of a solid surface fee from gout and leaking issues.
  • Can you do other manufacturers colors? Generally no, but we may have an alternative or close version. Manufacturers use different material, machines, and methods to achieve a specific color or look.  Because of this even if I get it close...there will be some difference. 

Quirks of the trade

  • Why won't you install our tops we decided not to pickup? This particular question is mired in problems we have experienced.  Customer supplied measurements have failed to take into account many factors on the job and in several instances were just plain wrong.  There is also a more sinister scenario... more than once homeowners have asked that we install because they (secretively) know they have a problem which they are unable to solve.  In almost every instance we lose money or are accused or left to replace product on our dime.
  • Will you take out our existing tub/shower/counter so that we may replace it?  No most of the time.  Sadly we wish we could provide this service, but our main business is manufacturing top notch surfaces.  Remodeling is fraught with hidden problems even those on HGTV don't want to see.  People also find they want to go beyond the scope of the original idea...and that means more people need to be involved.  We have a stable of nice trustworthy general contractors that will be happy to smooth your way through a project just like those guys on TV. 

How do I measure?

  • Bathroom Vanity Tops - Please download the form below... Start by measuring the length of the cabinet from the wall to the end and add 1" for any open ends.  Then measure from ONE wall to the center of where you want each bowl. Finally measure from the front of the cabinet to the back wall (depth). Standard depths of cabinets are 18" - 21" -24". Don't worry if you have another number, we can sort that out later.  Note: If you have a top in between a wall on both right and left sides you will need to take the length measurement at the back and along the front of the cabinet. These two length measurements will most likely be different, but again, we will sort it out for you. 


  • We pride ourselves on giving you a great product with the service to match.  When we give you a quote we are giving you the best price for our services, and for the last 20+ years we have found it the best way to make the customer and ourselves happy.
  • Free sinks, Discount coupons, and other sales tactics - while they sound good you always pay for those services anyway - trust me. Again we like happy customers and figuring out the best way to trick you really doesn't fit in our business model.
  • Volume - This we do take into account.  If you are a large builder or remodeler your (potential) track record will be figured into account.  We will do our best to make sure we stay competitive and give you great service. 


  • We stand behind our products and warranty our products to be free from manufacturing defects for 1 year.  If we inspect your product and determine the defect to be a manufacturing issue we will replace the product. We will not be able to cover any costs, however, for plumbing, loss of use, or other issues arising from the defective product. Replacement and Final Determination of material fault will be strictly at the discretion of Creative Marble executives.  No other inspection service or manufacturer will have input.

Terms and Conditions

  • Proper communication is a must for a timely job and color selection will delay all jobs if production windows are missed. Please understand most upgrades take more time to produce.
  • If special instructions are not included in the notes sections CREATIVE MARBLE will accept no liability for errors including but not limited to: locations of seats, soap dishes, valves(not present at install), seat/soap dish heights, special trim, threshold height and wall heights.
  • Any items deemed unsatisfactory by the homeowner after the fact (post install) which meet the selections above but do not fit the   homeowners vision of the job will be worked out to the best of our ability   through options given to the homeowner by Creative Marble. Under no circumstances will we replace or tear completely out a job at the expense of Creative Marble if all selections   are correct.
  • All changes to final selections are to be written, faxed or e-mailed to Creative Marble. No texts, verbal instruction or discussions will supersede the selection sheet.