Our Grout Free showers are easier than tile!


Pickup Orders

Customers will supply the measurements.  Please be sure to have all dimensions so we can make your item without any issues. We provide a sheet for download at the bottom of this page.  We cannot install pickup orders due to problems we have incurred in the past.


Our typical lead time is 2 weeks, however, during busy periods we may slip out to 3 weeks.  Please give us a call and allow us as much notice as possible so we may complete your project on time. We normally measure shower pans post framing and pre drywall. Measurements for tops are after cabinets are screwed to the wall. Typically we hang walls for showers after the sheetrock is primed. 


We are happy to give quotes for projects, new homes and remodels. Please allow us a few days so that we can hopefully be in your area to measure.  Efficiency is important so that we can keep our labor costs low.  If your job is further away, we can often provide a quote over the phone if you have basic measurements. 

Final Measure

If you call for a final measure so we may start your job please make sure of the following:  Pans - framing is complete and roof trusses are on or close. Countertops - no cabinets are missing or being changed and are screwed to the wall. Remodels - that you have removed the item you are replacing. 


We will only install products we have personally site measured (see pickup). Our installers will be courteous and install your item with the best methods we have. We will clean up our work area when we leave, but some dust will remain for final cleaning by you. Please make sure you are ready, if we arrive and cannot complete the job we will have to charge a trip fee. 


Top Measure Sheet (pdf)


Selections Sheet Agreement (pdf)