Our Grout Free showers are easier than tile!


What is it?

Calcio is a blend of 75% marble dust from the Georgia mountains and a polyester resin to create a product that is able to be shaped in mold to form the shapes we desire.  Pigment is added to give the product a natural appearance and a superior resistance to water and most household chemicals.

Hundreds of colors!

With hundreds of color combinations we can find the right match for you. Bring a sample of something you would like to use in your kitchen or bath and we can guide you. 


Calcio is a durable and easy to clean surface that will last for years to come. Once you have had it you will never want to go back to grout and tile. 


What is it!

Spruzzostone is a surface added to the production of any of our products.  It is comprised of Acrylic flakes, Beads and natural stone products to produce a surface durable enough for kitchens, as well as, bathrooms.  This product mimics the look and feel of solid surface material at a fraction of the cost.  We are also able to make products, like bath tubs, which are unavailable to the public in a solid surface material.

Use it anywhere.

Many colors to fit any decor. We can make any of our products using SpruzzoStone so there are no limits. We can even make bath tubs and that’s something other solid surfaces dream of being able to do affordably.  

Beauty and Brawn

With superior performance SpruzzoStone can be used in a Kitchen or a Bathroom and be expected to maintain its good looks for many years. A rock solid performer with a budget friendly price.